Succession Planning

[row] [span6] [label style=”inverse”]Succession planning answers a question every business owner faces: [/label] [/span6] [span6] What should happen to the business when he or she departs?
[/span6] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span6] [label]There are three overall paths you can choose:[/label] [/span6] [span6][label]Comprehensive planning[/label][/span6] [/row] [row] [span6] [caret_list]
  • Transfer ownership of the business to family members
  • Sell or transfer the business to key members of the management team
  • Sell the business to a third party on the open market
[/caret_list] If you don’t choose one of these paths as part of timely succession planning, you’ll be left to react to a crisis with only limited options. The time to plan ahead is now.
[/span6] [span6] Succession planning not only deals with corporate legal issues but also has to mesh with an owner’s estate planning objectives. Business attorney Steve Sneiderman can work closely with your estate planner to use the sophisticated transfer techniques that minimize the estate tax implications of transferring this wealth to the next generation. If a transfer to management or a third-party sale is the right solution, Steve’s extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions will be invaluable to you throughout the process.
[/span6] [/row] [hr] [row] [span12] Steve can provide the technical expertise to implement your succession planning strategy, as well as help you make informed decisions on how to engage the entire family in discussions as appropriate. He also recognizes that the human element is a major part of succession planning, and he has the experience and skills to guide you through this sensitive process.

Contact Steve to begin your succession planning today.
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