[row] [span6] [label style=”inverse”]Business lawyer Steve Sneiderman assists his clients with two types of leases:[/label] [/span6] [span6] [caret_list]
  • Real property
  • Personal property or equipment
[/caret_list] [/span6] [/row] [hr] [spacer] [row] [span6] Real property leases are used to allow people to occupy a space they do not own for a certain period of time. These leases can range from one to 100 pages, depending on the type of property involved. Steve Sneiderman can be either the tenant’s or the landlord’s lawyer; his experience representing both types of parties means he knows what is fair and customary in each situation.
As the tenant’s lawyer, Steve will review the lease to see that the landlord is providing the necessary services and items. This includes anything from utilities to special construction to parking spaces. As the landlord’s lawyer, Steve will write or review the lease to ensure the landlord’s interests are protected, that it includes a provision for on-time payments, and that it includes the rights to enforce the lease against the tenant for noncompliance. In both cases, he addresses the parties’ responsibilities during the lease as well as when it ends.
[/span6] [span6] Personal property or equipment leases are used to finance the acquisition of expensive pieces of equipment—from forklifts to multimillion dollar manufacturing equipment. Business lawyer Steve Sneiderman understands the special laws that govern the terms and conditions contained in equipment leases. As with real estate leases, your interests in the lease depend on whether you are the lessor (owner) or the lessee (renter); Steve has experience in representing each side.
[/span6] [/row] [spacer] [spacer] [row] [span12] Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, an equipment owner or a renter, business attorney Steve Sneiderman can help protect your interests. Contact him before you enter into any business lease agreement.
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