Business Financing

[row][span12]Money is the lifeblood of any business. Business attorney Steve Sneiderman has been helping businesses locate, structure, and document all different types of financing for his entire career.[/span12][/row][spacer] [row][span5] [label style=”inverse”]There are two main types of financing:[/label][/span5][span7] [caret_list]
  • Bank financing
  • Securities financing
[/caret_list] [/span7] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span12] [label]Bank financing[/label] [hr] Bank financing is often the first option. Steve can help guide you to the right type of lender, whether large national institutions, smaller community banks, or special types of financiers (like factoring agencies or mezzanine lenders). Having the right type of financing will expedite the loan process and get you to closing faster.
[/span12] [/row] [row] [span6] To improve your chances of getting a loan, Steve will help you present your business in a way that fits the bank’s lending profile. He will also help you prepare to meet bank’s requirements, such as:
  • Collateral
  • Personal guarantees
  • Loan covenants
  • Other conditions specific to your business
[/caret_list] [/span6] [span6] He also knows how to work with the lenders to make sure you get the right type of loan—one that has enough protection for the lender but is not a burden for your business.
Securities financing comes into play when the age of your business, the type of collateral you have, or the financial challenges you are facing makes banks unwilling to work with you.
[/span6] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span6] [spacer] [label]Securities financing[/label] [/span6] [span6][/span6] [/row] [hr] [row] [span6] Selling securities requires strict compliance with a complex web of federal and state laws. Equity or debt securities must be exempt from registration under the securities laws; otherwise, you need to prepare extensive documentation like a public company. Steve Sneiderman has helped structure and document such exempt transactions for many years.
[/span6] [span6] You will likely need to create materials to help sell your securities. You have to choose your words wisely, because they will be held against you if the business is unsuccessful and investors lose money. The key is to balance disclosures that make parties want to invest in your business with disclaimers and protective disclosures that will protect you from future challenges from disgruntled investors. Only an experienced securities and business lawyer like Steve Sneiderman can help you achieve this delicate balance.
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[spacer][span12][row]Time is money, so contact Steve Sneiderman today to plot the right path to raise the capital your business needs.[/row][/span12]